Even if you are not the most intense player in your league, you do not want to be stuck with the worst players at every offensive position and the worst defense. You have to have a way of notating what your team's needs are as the draft is going on. Once the draft is over, you can use these same cheat sheets to plan trades and upgrades to your roster.

The Draft

A fantasy football chest sheet is a grid you use to construct your team. You need a QB, RB, WR, and TE to bolster your offense. You also need a quality kicker, but kickers can be hard to keep track of without the sheet. Finally, you need to select a defense that generally scores well in fantasy leagues.

The goal of the cheat sheet is to point you in the direction of the right people to draft. For example, a kicker may not be high on your list, but solid kicker like Sebastian Janikowski could draw your interest.

Likewise, you may skip on choosing a defense because you need skill position players, but a defense like that of the Kansas City Chiefs may be too good to pass up. You may then choose a WR or RB to complete your roster. If you are torn between a WR and a RB, the emergence of Maurice Jones-Drew on the board may be enough to get him on your team. You can draft a WR in a later round.

The chest sheet does not tell you what order to draft in, but it does tell you what you need to complete your squad.

Moves After The Draft

A fantasy football cheat sheet tells you the complete roster of your fantasy team during the season. If you have eyes on trading some of your players, you can use the cheat sheet to determine who should be traded. Once trades are made, you can update the cheat sheet with your brand new roster.

During The Season

When you are deciding who to sit and who to start, you have to use your cheat sheet during the season to review your roster. If you are checking stats every week, you can compare those stats to your roster to decide who will start and who will sit. A careful analysis of your roster is much simpler when you can pencil stats in the margins.

Using a fantasy football cheat sheet helps you from the draft through to the playoffs. You cannot keep track of your roster effectively without a cheat sheet in-hand. When you download this fantasy football cheat sheet, you are getting the keys to a team that will win money in your fantasy league. Go old school and keep your roster on paper.